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Verona, in the Veneto, exudes sophistication that comes from being a significant centre, long before the Venetian Empire presumed to swallow it up. It was dominated by feudal families, having had a rich Roman and Etruscan past. The Venetian Republic took control between 1402–1797 after which it was ruled by Austria until the end of World War I.

As the setting for Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet the city draws innumerable number of lovers to its bosom. It is a prosperous city with streets paved with precious marble and lined with restaurants and chic boutiques. It's aesthetically pleasing with the swathe of pale pink stone curling along the banks of the River Adige.

Walking around on foot is the best way to see Verona but there is a mini train tour should you need help. The Roman Arena provides the backdrop for Italy's most theatrical open-air operatic theatre. The elliptical amphitheatre is the third largest in existence and dates from the 1st century AD.

Piazza delle Erbe reveals the cosy heart of the city occupying the site of the Roman Forum. It's littered with cheerful market stalls and flanked by impressive palaces. Casa di Giulietta is the supposed home of Juliet. Sant'Anastasia houses a fresco by Pisanello and is the city's largest Gothic church. The Roman Theatre, Teatro Romano, has wonderful views from the terraces and is used for summer festivals of dance or opera.

Verona is the hub of a thriving wine producing region and plays host to VinItaly, the country's major wine fair.


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