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Various stores, from the "cheap and cheerful" stalls selling trinkets, to the moderately priced market boutiques found lining Mercerie between Piazza San Marco and the Ponte di Rialto. For the top-end goods, exorbitantly-priced boutiques can be found on Calle Larga XXII Marzo. The Frezzeria, meanwhile, is a great place if you're looking for bags, souvenirs, toys and clothing.

The downside to shopping in Venice is that there are few bargains that you can avail of, since Venetians have been trading for centuries now. Count yourself lucky if you are able to haggle for any of your planned purchases.

Things worth buying in Venice are any one of their local crafts, namely glassware from Murano island, Burano lace, and cartapesta Carnevale masks. You can even stand by and watch as an artist finishes painting one of these intricate masks.

However, buying these items can be somewhat of a nightmare, as purchasing glassware can cause you additional shipping and insurance costs. As for Burano lace, there are very few women from Burano nowadays who are willing to spend their time lace-making, so much so that the prices of the lace have skyrocketed. But this is not to say that you should give up altogether, as rare finds are still present in the various markets.

Another good piece of advice when shopping in Venice is to keep in mind that some of the stalls may not be found in the same spot the next day. So if something catches your eye, consider it right away, and then purchase it if you think it worthy.

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