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Venice is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world today. The city's medieval past is still very much part of Venice's culture, where the heart of the town was the market place, around which cathedrals, inns and shops were located. In tune with this, the city comes alive with festivals, religious and civic activities celebrated throughout the year. Minstrels, acrobats, magicians and fortune-tellers can be found performing at fairs alongside local craftsmen and merchants who are peddling their handicrafts.

Today, Venice has managed to keep this culture alive. Various leisure activities are available for the millions of tourists who visit, ready to walk on foot or travel through the canals of the city. Discover master workmanship of ironsmiths, woodcarvers and glassmakers while taking in the landscapes of Cavallino. Cap the walking tour with a visit to the grand architectural monument, St. Mark's Basilica, and go up to the belltower to get a bird's view of the city. See Venice from the water by renting a boat while on your way to viewing Museo Correr's periodic pieces or Collezione Peggy Guggenheim's contemporary art.

Listen to ancient music concert from an aristocratic Venetian residence, or watch the Festival of Contemporary Dance. To welcome spring, attend The Carnival in February and be a part of ancient tradition where elaborate gowns and masks are worn. In September troop to Lido Beach for the Venice Film Festival and swim in the sight of international filmmakers and actors. Play with the kids in the open squares and alleys of Venice, away from the dangers of cars, in the summer.

Whether you are watching Venetians buying fruit or vegetables at the Rialto market, having their refreshing spritz from a local bar, or taking a sunset gondola ride, there are so many ways to visit Venice and be enthralled.

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