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Taormina is one of the most enchanting places on earth. The town sits on the hill of Monte Tauro, with two sweeping bays below, and across to the south is the top of Mount Etna. The views are hugely dramatic, with over one hundred miles of Mediterranean sea to look at.

Due to Taormina's warm climate and magical atmosphere, people have been visiting it since time began! Greeks, Romans, Saracens, Arabs and Normans all flocked there, leaving relics of their visits. You can still find Greek theatre, the Roman Neumachiae, the Cathedral of St. Nicolo, which is where the Byzantine Madonna is housed. She is an oil painting on a wooden panel, covered with layers of silver and semi-precious stones.

Vast walls to provide the best security surrounded the town, some of the wall can still be seen, particularly in the centre of town where the clock tower stands. At each end of the wall are two gates, Porta Messina and Catania.

Taormina was a great favourite with artists throughout the centuries, due not only to the breath taking views which they happily painted, but also because the ‘beau monde' would visit and spend their money in the numerous art galleries.

There is plenty to do and see. You can lurch between adventurous, every water sport is available on the various beaches, or you can be cultured and visit exhibitions in the palazzis and churches, winding your way through the many ruins. If you prefer there is golf to be played just half an hour away, or tennis in the public gardens. Shop in the car free main street or just enjoy Sicilian cooking in the numerous restaurants and cafés. Visitors can stay in a range of hotels, from family run trattoria to 5-star hotels.

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