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The region of Lazio is home to Italy's capital city of Rome, and "Latium" as it was once called, was a major stop in the English traveller's Grand Tour. Found in the central district of Italy, Lazio and is composed of five provinces – Latina, Frosinone, Viterbo, Rieti and Rome. Aside from being home to the country's governing and religious seats, the areas surrounding Rome are towns, which despite being overlooked from the limelight of the eternal city, have quite a few treasures of its own, which the unsuspecting traveller will no doubt discover.

Lazio offers a rich cultural, architectural and spiritual heritage with a great number of beautiful sights found in all of its provinces. Lazio's sprawling old castle walls and pavements of stone echo historic and religious chronicles, and the wide variety of landscapes and scenery provides the traveller with a good flavour of Italy's many facets.

In addition to the various ancient monuments, ruins, and archaeological sites, one of Lazio's wonders is seen through its authentic, traditional cuisine.

Packed with a multitude of tourists every year, mostly concentrated in Rome and the popular spots in its province such as Tivoli and Frascati, Lazio has become one of Italy's most visited regions. People from all over the world come in droves to visit Lazio's natural wilderness, mountainous landscapes, as well as its countless historic structures which include the Vatican City. Because of this, Lazio has become a much-loved location for various events, fairs and exhibits in Italy.

If you are planning a trip to Italy, make sure not to miss the sights, stories, and solidarity of this colourful region.

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