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There are a variety of things that can be done in Naples when the sun goes down. You can choose to have a simple romantic walk along the beach of Santa Lucia and appreciate the beauty of nature as the sun sets. It can be restful and is excellent for those who come to Naples to get away from the stress of their normal life.

For those who want their nights to be livelier, all they need to do is pick an activity and choose the right spot. It is hard, though, to think of more activities on an empty stomach. One needs to have a happy stomach to enjoy nightlife in Naples.

Naples is considered the home of pizza, mozzarella, pasta and ice cream. Is it therefore any wonder that food is a major event in Naples? The pizza Margherita is said to have originated in this city in a place called Pizzaria Brandi. This pizzeria opened in 1780 and has been making wonderful pizza since.

If you enjoy pizza, then you will also want to visit these other wonderful places: the 'O Calamaro, Antica Pizzaria da Michelle, Cibo, Ciro a Mergellina, Da Ettore, Lombardi a Santa Chiara, Marino, Pizzaria Trianon and Pizzeria Port'Alba. Each of these restaurants have a wonderful reputation for delicious food. It isn’t just the visitors who enjoy these places — it’s the locals as well, which is a great recommendation for any place.

After dinner you may want some coffee to round off your wonderful meal. The best place for you to go next would be the Gran Café Gambrinus. It is the oldest café in Naples, having been open since 1860. Their cappuccino is legendary as an absolutely necessary experience when in Naples.

What is a trip to Italy without going to the opera? The Teatro San Carlo is one of the best places to go for this unique experience. It may not be easy to get tickets since they are normally sold on a seasonal basis but it is quite an experience.

There are numerous bars, pubs, cafes and clubs just waiting for patronage. Among the most famous is the Chez Moi. This nightclub is the favorite for the cream of society and as such is run with by a very careful management. In order to be welcomed into this club, you’d better be on your best behavior and be set to have good clean fun. You will after all be mingling with government officials and socialites as well as dress designers and possibly a few international celebrities.

If you want to go dancing, Madison Street is a great favorite with young people. They offer latin American as well as commercial music. It’s a great place to just hang out if you don’t want to step out on the floor. In spite of its name, the Kinky Bar isn’t what it seems — it’s actually a reggae bar that mainly appeals to students. If you visit Naples in the summer and enjoy reggae music you may want to attend one of the beach parties that they organise.

There are many more great places to go in Naples at night. There are jazz concerts and open air concerts. Just be prepared to spend cash — a lot of it, as there may be a cover charge in most clubs. Get set to have fun. There is nowhere in the world like Naples.


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