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Festivals & Events

Milan's event calendar may not be as full as its neighboring cities, but the city certainly celebrates both spiritual and material festivals with the same pomp and zest.

Probably one of its main events is the Milan Fashion Week, held every year during February. The word ‘week' is actually a misnomer, as the festival goes on a few days longer to accommodate more catwalk shows. The fashion week is a testament to Milan's high appreciation and growing emphasis for the world of fashion.

The event usually unleashes the Autumn and Winter trends for the year. Labels such as Gucci, Armani, Dolce and Gabbana, and Prada, are only a handful of the participants in the various fashion shows. The shows are by invitation only, but visitors will have a good time encountering various fashion icons roaming the streets of Milan.

From June until August, the Festival Latino Americano is held to the city's Forum to honor the spirit of Latin America. This outdoor cultural festival turns the venue into a South American Village, with live musical acts, literature offerings, visual art exhibits, performance art, handicrafts, films, folklore, and food all relating to the colourful Latin American culture.

As for religious events, December 7 marks the Festa di Sant'Ambrogio, and the people of Milan celebrates this event by holding religious celebrations and traditional fairs on the Fiera di Milano. Another fiesta occurs in June. The Festa del Naviglio is filled with parades, musical acts, and other performances.

To find out what events are happening in the city upon your arrival, just pay a visit to the Milan tourist office.


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