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Naples - The good, the bad and the pizza!
Naples… a city full of crime, traffic, dirt and fantastic memories! Notoriously one of the most dangerous cities in Italy where pick-pocketing and mafia control run rife. more
When in Rome
The Colosseum, the Vatican, the Forum... where to start? Well, wherever you start you will end up with sore feet. There is a lot of walking in Rome, but fortunately there are a lot of espresso cafes... more
Much more than an Italian island
It becomes clear very quickly that Sicily's proximity to Africa has largely contributed to its culture and society. This is evident within the larger cities such as Palermo. more
A Crumbling Beauty
Although usually a sleepy island, in the summer the beaches of Procida are filled with Italian families and couples, although despite its popularity Procida remains an authentically Italian isle. more
Galleria Ferrari
The Galleria Ferrari is a well-loved attraction in Italy. This one-of-a-kind facility is even situated in Maranello, a town just south of Enzo Ferrari’s birth place of Modena. more

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