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It is not difficult to be enchanted by the glorious coastline of Amalfi. The pristine blue waters lap gently on the edge of the quaint little city, as if luring tourists and even residents to explore the wonders that it has. Thus, it is but normal that one would one to take home a memento of such a special experience, a souvenir to remember the famous Amalfi coastline by.

Women will be delighted to know that Amalfi celebrates womanhood with the wide variety of women’s clothing and accessories that it offers. The village of Positano, in particular, is a treasure haven for females who want to bring home their own version of the vibrantly colourful Italian fashion. Countless blouses, dresses and fabrics hang from the ceilings, walls and doorways of the distinctly white Positano shopping areas. While they may be quite expensive as compared to other fabrics, one can take consolation in the fact that Amalfi textiles are carefully processed and hand-made, making them lavish and ornate not only to the eye but also to the feel. Likewise, the colours are so alive that they can definitely perk up a dreary mood or demeanor. Another popular item in Positano is their sandals and swimwear, which are sure must-haves especially when planning a trip to the beach.

Of course, an outfit will not be complete without the requisite accessories. Hats, hand-made costume and silver jewelery and scarves are just some of the products that Positano proudly boasts of. Each item is so unique and wonderful to look at that it is impossible to resist their appeal.

An art connoisseur would fall in love with the arts and crafts shop off the main Amalfi piazza. Aside from the little knick knacks that define Amalfi, there are also shops that sell exquisite paintings and sculptures that show distinct artistic promise. Wood and ceramic products are the most saleable among all the items for sale. This is because each piece goes through a complex process called inlaying, wherein different types of wood like holly, olive, orange and walnut, are fused together to make an intricate pattern. Home furnishings also come in abundance, as Amalfi is also known for its scented candle sculptures and finely embroidered cameos and tablecloths. And because Italians are known for their friendly disposition towards their customers, one can even arrange to have the pieces to be shipped back home. What’s more, store owners are more than willing to lower their prices, within reasonable limits, of course.

A trip to Amalfi will not be complete if one fails to bring home a bottle of Limoncello, their famous lemon liqueur. The drink, which is made of Sorrento lemon peels mixed with alcohol, is tangy and surprisingly drinkable. Limoncello is usually served after meals because of its unique digestive properties, a perfect way to cap off the sumptuous Italian meal that had just been polished off the plate. A 750 ML bottle costs around 10 euros but it is definitely worth every single drop. Another souvenir that one must not fail to bring home is the Nocino, which is made of Sorrento walnuts and coffee beans. The mixture produces a fine flavour that can surely jolt one’s senses.


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